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About Openfactor

OpenFactor provides innovative and cloud enabled business solutions and services that help individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services.

Our solutions provide cost effective IT capabilities that enable financial inclusion across transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance; helping our clients serve the underbanked and the unbanked segment. We provide the right enablers that help businesses meet the World Bank Group’s Universal Financial Access 2020 initiative.

Our mission is to help businesses unlock customer value through the use of latest innovative and cost-effective technologies.

Our business philosophy stems from our intrinsic ability to infuse disruptive capabilities, our uncompromising focus on quality, and our resolve to be a force to be reckoned with in Africa and beyond.



FinSys is a robust, secure and cost effective digital, community and branchless banking platform with a modular service-oriented architecture that provides a comprehensive range of functionalities required to deliver financial inclusion.

TellerBot - Whatsapp Banking


TellerBot is a ‘chatbot’ that allows banks to provide customer service and onboarding through messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger, Web chat, and inside of existing mobile applications. By using TellerBot,Bank can provide an automated chat platform for customers and handle multiple customer actions and customer service queries through messaging.



MInsure is a cloud-based micro insurance solution platform built to address the needs of emerging SME businesses offering insurance products for low-income people. The platform provides functionalities that cater for every aspect of micro-insurance service delivery which includes product setup, agent on-boarding, quotes, customer on-boarding, policy administration, premium collection and claim administration.

Our Services

Services we offer

Data Management Services

Data Management Services

OpenFactor has partnered with some of the world-leading data technologies solution providers to deliver services and solution that help unlock business insights and enhance data driven decision making. Our services include enterprise data management, data warehousing, advanced data analytics and visualization that powers real-time business decision-making.

Software Development Services

Software Development Services

OpenFactor provides a cost-effective, value-for-investment software development services designed to help businesses jump start their innovation drives. We provide among others; custom enterprise software development, software testing and quality assurance, system integration, and software support.

API Integration Services

API Integration Services

Our API integration services help organisations to design and deliver robust application integration framework using modern tools and secured API deployment methodologies. These support high volume transactional throughput, resiliency and scalability.


Redefining Branchless Banking in Africa

Africa has been said to be the epicentre of the world population living in extreme poverty, with majority surviving on an average of $2 daily. A research conducted by World bank identifies financial inclusion as a major catalyst for poverty reduction and  economic growth. The role of access to affordable and reliable financial services cannot […]

Business Requirements: Ensuring Your Solution is Feasible and Viable

The end goal of a Design Thinking work process is to create a solution that is desirable, feasible, and viable. This means that your product or solution should not only satisfy the needs of a user but be easy to implement and have a commercial model as well. During the bulk of business requirements elicitation,  function desirability would […]

Prototyping: Learn Eight Common Methods and Best Practices

There can never be an exhaustive list of prototyping methods since there is quite literally an endless number of ways you can build prototypes. What we can do, however, is provide a useful list of the eight most common prototyping methods, together with best practice tips that help you maximize your prototyping and testing sessions. […]