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You Can Count on Us

Safeguarding Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

Nothing could have prepared anyone for the unprecedent situation brought about by COVID-19 outbreak. While businesses all over the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of the pandemic, and adjust to a new reality, OpenFactor is committed to providing continuity of service at all times to all our esteemed clients and remain by their side during these difficult times.

OpenFactor’ leadership team is continuously assessing the developing situation in order to rapidly respond to the crisis as it evolves, ensuring the safety and health of our employees in accordance with guidance from local governments and public health authorities and, when necessary, adjusting our operations to maintain continuity of service.

OpenFactor is committed to supporting its clients in times of need and maintaining business operations as usual.


Business Continuity

We constantly enhance our delivery framework to incorporate best practices, tools and solutions to reduce the overall time to market.

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