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FinSys Banking Solution

FinSys is a robust, secure, scalable and cost
effective digital, cloud-enabled banking platform,
built on Apache Fineract core and optimized for
digital and mass market banking.

FinSys is built on modular and service-oriented
architecture, It provides a comprehensive range of
functionalities and capabilities required to deliver a
full-range of banking services for the retail, digital,
micro and branchless banking operating model.
FinSys helps both the traditional, neobank and challenger
banks to deliver a technology driven innovative
operating model in the most cost-effective manner.

The system provides a comprehensive range of functionalities
required to deliver financial inclusion for the low income segment. This allows financial institutions,
Telco’s, Fintech companies rollout financial services
in the most cost-effective way.

FinSys Banking System
supports multi-entity, multi-currency and multilingual capabilities. It has a complete range of
independent business modules which operate
within an integrated framework.

FinSys supports lending, investment account with
support for fixed and recurring deposits, savings
and current accounts, standing instructions,
account transfers and also support a mix
of deposit and credit products. Flexible interest,
charges and fees management.

FinSys provides a comprehensive agency banking
modules with functionalities that include multi-tiered KYC, agent management, customer
management,charges, fees and commission
management with support for Grameen loan,
Group savings, P2P, P2B transfer, bill payment,
government grants payment, e-wallet account etc.

FinSys Functional Architecture

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