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TellerBot - WhatsApp Banking

TellerBot - WhatsApp Banking

TellerBot is a ‘chatbot’ that allows banks to provide customer service and onboarding through messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger, Web chat, and inside of existing mobile applications. By using TellerBot,Bank can provide an automated chat platform for customers and handle multiple customer actions and customer service queries through messaging. On the backend, our natural language/AI system understands what users are asking and provides a predetermined, automated response and/or action.

Banks have an opportunity to address these pain points by providing convenient and helpful financial services through;

Innovative digital technologies

The TellerBot Messaging Platform provides a unique and compelling value proposition with the provision of a world-class solution with a local-context with a special focus on enhancing the service experience for the Bank's highly esteemed customers. By implementing our technology, Fidelity Bank will achieve the following and many more benefits;

Attract Digital Natives

New interfaces have always had the largest effect on the technologies consumers adopt. By offering a convenient chat interface for banking activities and financial insights, The Bank will attract and retain tech-savvy and millennial customers who grew up using messaging apps. Because chatbots work within existing popular messaging platforms, Bank will reach more customers where they already are, providing them more convenient access to the bank's products and services. Increased access to the market will earn the bank a larger share of this important customer base that can grow with you throughout their financial journey.

Improve Customer Experience

With the rise of digital banking, interactions between banks and their customers have become significantly less personal. In today’s economy, the majority of transactions occur through digital channels, with most customers viewing their relationship with their primary financial provider as purely transactional. With capability to mimic human interaction, TellerBot has the potential to restore the personal aspect of banking in a digital world. The chat interface is a powerful medium for promoting active engagement through conversation. From a user experience perspective, it’s more intuitive to ask a straightforward question than to search for the answer in predetermined menus. The proactive nature of the engagement will further increase the customer’s engagement with the bank and help build brand loyalty.

Attract Digital Natives

Most banks receive and store vast volumes of data on their customers and their transactions. However, it's difficult to distill actionable insights from this data. As Teller compels customers to communicate with the bank in person-like conversation, The Bank stands to gain unique insights into customers’ behaviors, personal needs, and preferences. The combination of this data with customer transaction information produces meaningful and actionable patterns that can be used to identify new marketing opportunities. The bank's marketing team will be empowered to identify and capitalize on personalized cross-selling opportunities provided by the customer interaction with the Teller.