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OpenFactor is a technology company that provides innovative and cost-effective solutions and services that address business challenges and help organisations unlock customer value.

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MInsure is a cloud-based micro insurance solution platform built to address the needs of emerging SME businesses that provides insurance products for low-income people.

The platform provides functionalities that cater for every aspect of micro-insurance service delivery which include product setup, agent on-boarding, quotes, customer on-boarding, policy administration, premium collection and claim administration.

It also provides a robust analytics capabilities offering, an unrivaled business insights and a 360 degree view of business performance matrices.

Core Modules Includes:

  • Policy Administration
  • Collection and Payment Processing
  • Claims Processing
  • Product and Covers Management
  • Agents and Sub-Agents Management
  • Customer Management
  • Users Management
Micro Insurance

TellerBot WhatsApp Banking

TellerBot is a ‘chatbot’ that allows banks to provide customer service and onboarding through messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger, Web chat, and inside of existing mobile applications. By using TellerBot,Bank can provide an automated chat platform for customers and handle multiple customer actions and customer service queries through messaging. On the backend, our natural language/AI system understands what users are asking and provides a predetermined, automated response and/or action.

TellerBot(WhatsApp Banking)


FinSys is a robust, secure and cost effective digital, community and agency banking platform with modular service-oriented architecture that provides a comprehensive range of functionalities required to deliver financial inclusion.

Built on the Apache Fineract engine, FinSys supports multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities. It has a complete range of independent business modules which operate within an integrated framework. This allows financial institutions to rollout new financial services in a most cost-effective way.

FinSys supports lending, investment account with support for fixed and recurring deposits, savings and current accounts, standing instructions, account transfers and provide support for a mix of deposit and credit products. Flexible interest, charges and fees management.

FinSys provides a comprehensive agency banking modules with functionalities that includes agent management, till management, fees,charges and commission management, transaction manager that support micro-loan, transfer, bill payment, ewallet etc.

Open Financial System